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But man, that soup sucked

I have so much time to kill, it's obscene. The students in class today are kind of creeped out at how eager I am to look something up for them, or check to see if we have any more Dr. Pepper. I am just unused to being so unused. It feels wrong.

I feel I should at least be using this time to write something pertinent or poignant or some other 'p' word.

And yet, all I can think to say right now is that I was very disappointed by the soup I had for lunch today.


So, all this free-wheeling internet time I've had lately has got me jealous of some of the fancier things that people using blogger, wordpress or Moveable-Type get: stuff like categorizing their archives and whatnot. OK, mostly just the categorization of entries. But anyway, about once a day I consider moving from Diaryland to somewhere else-- but then I realize 1) what an enormous hassle that would be; and B: that I like writing a journal. As opposed to a blog.

I know that "BLOG" has been the buzzword for a while now-- and I admit that's part of the reason I like writing a journal. Yes, I am one of those nit-picky types who thinks there is a real difference between a journal and a blog (and not just in the way the pages look). To me, a blog is all about timeliness and quantity and links to other things. A journal entry is more about writing. I can write a story, or publish a recipe, or just blather on like an idiot. And I only have to write one entry a day, if that.

I think if I had a blog, I'd feel pressured to keep posting multiple entries about relevant things. And if there are two things that put me on edge, it's being pressured and being relevant.

3:39 p.m. - 2005-10-18


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