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Glorious and Free...

I was sitting today, pondering the shipment of things from the US to Canada, when I had a huge, tiny epiphany.

I was thinking about an email I was going to write to a Canadian, and thinking about what I could could offer her to help me (and Trevor) move to Canada. I have been "threatening" to emigrate since the debacle of an election in 2000, and I wondered what it would take to get Canada to annex just Seattle and Portland.

And that's when this huge, tiny epiphany hit. Aside from the political and geographical improbability of that happening, it turns out that I don't want Portland and Seattle to be Canadian. I don't want to be Canadian.

I can't believe I just typed that.

But, see, here's the thing: Now that the current administration may actually have to account for some of their asshattery, I realize that those of us standing firmly in the liberal corner HAVE to stay here to keep an eye on the asshats. If we all move to Canada, then we leave the US to wingnuts and Freepers, and Portland (not to mention the rest of the beautiful country) means too much to let that happen.

We need to keep Canada on retainer, so we can get out when we need a break, and then come back and work harder. And we have that right now, but I'm concerned the fucking minutemen and the fucking government will piss off Canada to the point where we have to climb a wall and swim a river and assume an identity and have all our papers in order just to get in for a weekend getaway. And then suffer naked pyramids, anal probes and detainment just to get back.

I love you, Canada. I really, really do. That's why I have to stay here.

4:18 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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