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So this is how my Labor day weekend went. Saturday we saw March of the Penguins with the nephew, then had cake and ice cream with Sister K, et Al., then went home. It was the only day we used the car and, in fact, the only day of the three day weekend I left the house. And, in more fact, the only day I didn't spend entirely in my jammies.

Sunday and today sort of blended (blendt?) into each other. I spent a lot of time in front of the TV, reacquainting myself with my love for Dave Foley.

It started on Saturday night, watching a couple eps of Celebrity Poker Showdown. On Sunday I spent the day with my DVDs of NewsRadio and The Kids in The Hall. Today started with The Wrong Guy, moved straight into Brain Candy and is ending right now with what seems to be a rather problematic insulin reaction. I'm nervous and sweaty and wondering why I feel like every thought I'm having is THE MOST IMPORTANT THOUGHT IN THE WORLD because I'm either brilliant or dying. This may make no sense, but welcome to my brain on insulin. That's why this last part doesn't have any hyperlinks or html code: because I can't really focus on what is real and what is just a big joke my head is playing on me when the insulin is gnawing on my brain. I really hate state-of-consciousness mindspew but I kind of can't help it right now because I really should take care of this insulin reaction but I have to get this entry up because my brain in hyper-focussing on finishing this okay I'm done if you're reading this than maybe I got done before passing out POST!

8:06 p.m. - 2005-09-05


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