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Which is as I suspected. As much as we would all like to be Milton, I don't think there are many people who actually cling to their Swinglines quite that much.

A strange thing happened after my last post. Instead of focusing on what I thought was the obvious point of yesterday's entry, which was to get you to go fill out my new survey, I received many, many questions regarding the entry I almost posted yesterday about "a perceived slight from someone I don't even know."

"What was the slight," the masses are calling, "and who is this louse? Out with it! You! Shall! Be! Vindicated!" Aren't my masses great?

In the interest of quelling said masses, here is a paraphrased version of what happened:

"Slight" was perhaps too strong a word, no the wrong word, to use. It was a comment left probably by a well-intentioned man, but I took it as condescending advice meant for the simpering and simple-minded.

As I said before, I over-reacted a tad. ANYway, I wrote a long rant using my rapier wit and commanding knowlege of feminist theory against his comment. And then I looked at it again. So, Rod, you nearly got a whole entry to yourself, but I calmed down. Thanks for writing in, but just so you know, there was no other doctor on call that night.

In other news, I saw my therapist yesterday, and she couldn't really help me with all my weird shower dreams. She did recommend a nurse practitioner that is really good with diagnosing abdominal pain, using a strange technique called "running the right blood tests" and "listening to the patient." Imagine that. As she handed me a copy of the woman's business card, she said "You didn't get this from me, I could lose my license."

So, I didn't get that from her. But really, lose her license? What the hell for? I was just complaining about how my regular doctors haven't been finding anything, don't I have the right to seek other counsel? And doesn't she have the right to assist me in that?

I don't mean to go all libertarian on you, but what weird kind of law is that? Idiocy. So, I wonder what I say when her office asks how I found out about her? I should pick a doctor I don't like and say they told me to come. Maybe they'd lose their license!

Like the guy at the pain clinic I went to this past February. I sat there, in a stupid hospital gown answering questions for 2 hours, got poked for maybe three minutes, and then told that "In a way, pain really is all in your head." And that they weren't going to do anything for my pain management because they couldn't give me a definitive diagnosis.

What? Isn't that what they're for?

Yeah, so that guy, he could stand to lose his license.

4:15 p.m. - 2003-07-23


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