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Inner workings

My dreams fall into three basic categories: Rage dreams, anxiety dreams and shower dreams. Rage dreams are pretty much the same: I am at a family function, I am really pissed off (usually at my mother), and I am being ignored. Anxiety dreams are usually when I am in public and messing up somehow; these are usually performance issues, like I am in an orchestra and I can't play the instrument, or I am trying to call someone and can't seem to dial the right numbers.

Then there are the shower dreams.

I don't know why I dream about taking showers so often. Perhaps because I hit the snooze button many times before actually getting up, and my mind is aware that the first thing I need to do is shower. But the weird and disturbing part is that I am always showering in really bad showers. Dirty showers, showers with drainage problems, showers in weird places (like in the middle of the kitchen or, like last night, outside). Usually it is a combination of all these things. For instance, I had a dream this morning that I was taking a shower in a large loft that some old acquaintances of mine from high school lived in. The shower was in an outside courtyard in the corner of the loft, and surrounded by windows that showed into the adjoining apartments.

We were supposed to be getting ready to go to class.

But I had to shower first, and it seemed that I was going much slower than I should have been, and so I was making everyone late. The shower was lined with this slimy old rubber, and the drain was ve-rrr-yy slow, so I was up to my shins in cold, dirty water. I had forgotten my shampoo, and so had to use this old bottle of "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific," which I can only attribute to VH-1's I love the 80s series. And? It did not smell terrific.

I finally got showered and suddenly dressed, and as we were walking across the gigantic loft to the door, I asked a friend of mine (with whom I work in real life) if my outfit was OK, and he remarked that next time I should "try to dress a little more forward-thinking."

Freuds and Jungs of the world, I'm all ears.

4:38 p.m. - 2003-07-16


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