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Skittles truly are a perfect food

Yesterday I went to see Garden State. By myself. It was playing at the theater nearest to my house; about a half hour's walk. I Fandangoed the ticket, copied the soundtrack to the MP3 player Paul graciously gave to me (he's been on an iPod high since he got it a few weeks ago) and headed out.

Not surprisingly, not many folks go to see movies at 2:05 on a Wednesday afternoon. There were five people in the theatre: 2 other single patrons (both women) and one couple who came in late.

I don't really have a problem going to movies alone, although I was acutely aware that seeing this particular movie at this particular time might give a certain impression about my current situation (yes, I've got cats and yes, I'm unemployed, and yes, I partake daily of an anti-depressant cocktail not unlike a certain scene in this particular movie. HOWEVER, I am not a misunderstood 15 year old girl, and I AM happily married. SO THERE. Shut up.). But there is something unnerving about seeing a comedy in a theater with only 5 people in it. No one laughed at the funny parts and it made me feel bad. Bad for everyone in the theater and bad for the filmmakers. There are parts of that movie that should elicit raucous laughter. There are lines in that film that should cause much chortling.

But not in this case. All it really did was make me realize, sadly, that it was the 22nd anniversary of the death of my father and the only reason Zach Braff probably made this film was so he could shoot the scene where he's spooning Natalie Portman, with his sleepy hand cupping her ass.

4:34 p.m. - 2004-09-16


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