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Hey hey hey-- take it outside!

So I start class on Monday. That's bartending class, for those who haven't been keeping up. It took me several weeks to get up the nerve to commit to a two week class, but I finally filled out the form on Friday, and I called them today. The man on the other end was entirely too jolly, and after taking my name and number he called cheerily "I'll see you on Monday, and two weeks after that, YOU will BE a BARTENDER!"

Well, ideally in two weeks I'll be sitting in Jon Stewart's lap trading Bon Mots, but barring that-- bartender would be OK. That is what I'm going to class for.

I'm not sure what kind of bartender I'll make, what with the misanthropy and all, but here's what I've always pictured: the bar is empty, preferrably Norwegian or at least Canadian, and I've stocked the jukebox with only the good music. My hair is ruffled and sexy, from all the glasses I've been washing and drying, when my famous crush du jour walks in, hungry, lost and shirtless. He eyes me with a combination of fear and desire, and sits himself down at the bar. Wordlessly, I toss a bar napkin in front of him and raise one eyebrow. He orders a manhattan.

Which is so weird, because I totally majored in manhattans in bartending school!

Note to all the folks who've been leaving me nice notes and stuff: Thanks; I hope your emvelope arrived; I like your new layout (even though it's taken me a month to acknowledge it); I'll open a bar with you anytime. I'll leave you to fight amongst yourselves as to who gets what.

8:26 p.m. - 2004-09-14


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