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Sure, the books are free, but...

Paid a visit to my local library the other day. It is small and cluttered except for the children's section, which takes up nearly half the space. Far be it from me to discourage small children from reading, but just how many copies of "Everybody Poops" does one library branch need? Anyway, to discourage us adults from further success, everything was labelled by Dewey Decimal System only, which seems sinister, if you ask me. Oh, I understand the need to refrain from making things *too* easy-- I'm all for weeding out the simple and the unwashed, etc.-- but a sign with '326' on it does little to let me know where to start looking for the latest Jasper Fforde book. And do we really need an entire corridor for Slavery and Emancipation books? I mean really.

Anyway, I finally found the fiction section (813 for those non-librarians in our midst): a puny, anaemic piece of bookshelf real estate consisting mostly of Stephen King novels in hardback. I found one kind of interesting book, checked out and took it home.

Turns out? I was in the large print section. No wonder all the books were hardcover. So, now I'm really confused: If that was the large print section, where was the normal print fiction? Is everything in that branch for little kids and old people?

Anyway, my eyesight is getting bad enough that I can't read without my reading glasses, so that large print book came in handy after all.


8:15 p.m. - 2004-09-18


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