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I considered writing an entry about this strange sensation I've had for the past couple days that I have huge dried snot balls stuck in my nose, but my Ralphie-like exploratory searches have brought back nothing, so there's really no more to say on that issue. But aren't you glad I shared?

So, the end of "Friends" is nearly upon us. It's got me to thinking about the past decade, and not just because they've been plastering the airwaves with pictures of Courtney Cox back when she had any meat to her. Back in '94, I was living with three roommates is San Francisco, having transformed the living room into a nice-sized bedroom.

I was the exact age Chandler was supposed to be.

Since there was no communal area other than the kitchen, we would gather in my room to watch TV. It took us maybe a half a season before we started watching "Friends" regularly, but it soon became the place to be on Thursday. Roommates came and went, and in early 1995 QueenBitchCrazyRoommate moved out, and I offered the empty room to a friend of mine from high school, Trevor. That's right, Trevor Dunnigan. He joined in on the friends watching. It was uncanny, watching that show with him, how he would anticipate the snide comments Chandler would always deliver and have me laughing before the studio audience and/or laugh track. We took a trip that summer with a couple friends of ours to Vegas, and I even put the Rembrandts song on my mix tape for the car.

Flash forward to February, 1996. Ross and Rachel had gotten together-- and so had Trevor and I. At this point we hadn't told any of the other roommates, so it felt so very wicked and sneaky. Later, Chandler and Monica get together and kept it hidden, just like we did.

And now the show is going off the air and Trevor and I are married. We're not buying a house or adopting a baby or moving to Paris, but we do feel like we're starting a brand new season.

Except my Tabby doesn't have his own spin-off called "Newman." He should, though. Totally.

4:48 p.m. - 2004-04-29


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