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Gloria in Excelsis

I got sucked into watching American Idol last night, although I disapprove of it on every level. Last night was "Latin/Salsa" night, or "All Hail Gloria Estefan" night. Now, I hate that I've watched enough of this to even have opinions on the way these things are put together, but I have to say having "theme nights" like this are even stupider than the idea of leaving the vote up to every pre-teen with a cell phone and clearly not enough homework. Even stupider than Ryan Seacrest. Even stupider than having judges who even now are just parodies of their own schtick.

I don't expect Shakira to be able to sing opera, and I don't expect Simon to be able to perform brain surgery-- why should I expect John Stevens to be able to sing salsa?

I mean, really.

But the worst part of the whole show, and one that NO ONE has seemed to point out, was one member of Miami Sound Machine who was not only off-key, but off-song. It was like someone had miked up a tone-deaf goat backstage, and that goat decided to sing along. It was HORRIBLE. I can't believe someone didn't pick up on that.

5:06 p.m. - 2004-04-28


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