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Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?

There is no amount of anti-depressants that will make this day bearable. My boss and über-boss (LittleCrazy and BigCrazy) are conspiring to make me explode in frustration. I've stopped trying to get them the numbers I need, because there's no point in sticking numbers in buckets if I don't know what the goddamn buckets are.

And LittleCrazy needs to stop screetching at me and calm the fuck down. No, I can't read your crazy-ass mind.

dorkfysh thinks I'm not crazy, but my Office Space job is going to drive me there. I think she's right. It'll drive me there, punch me in the stomach, steal my things and drop me in the mud at the side of the road.

I'm sorry for that metaphor, it was out of line. But you see what this job does to me.

I'm ambivalent to how my days were spent this past weekend. There were highlights (like the show for the Animation class dorkfysh's kid was in. Except the adults should shut the fuck up and just show the damn films already). I was caught in a black out at the mall, and it was funny to see everyone stop mid-shop and look around. Sadly, there was no looting. The shops pulled down their gates and everyone filed out peacefully. I may go back today just to see if they're selling t-shirts that say "I was here when the Lloyd Center broke!"

LittleCrazy has been popping in and out of my cube, barking orders and treating me like I'm slow-witted. My therapist says I need to start being assertive but I wanna know why the onus is on me.

Why can't she just stop being a bitch?

2:20 p.m. - 2003-09-29


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