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Fear scares me

I was lying in the dentist's chair this morning with the sharp instruments and the sucking device in my mouth and it occurred to me that I haven't listed my fears in this journal yet. These are fears mind you, not hatreds, so crowds and SUVs aren't on this list.

  • I fear that an earthquake will hit while I am in the middle of getting a filling.
  • I fear the dark outside the door when I let the cats out in the middle of the night.
  • I fear accidently hitting a bicyclist when I pass one in my car.
  • I fear all my friends are just humoring me.
  • I fear sleeping alone in the house.

  • I fear water that I can't see the bottom of (I blame Jaws for this one).
  • I fear having an insulin reaction while I am speaking in public
  • I fear my family will all die in a horrible accident, but Estelle survives.
  • I fear my black cat will be kidnapped by wayward teens and mutilated on halloween because they're trying to be "cool."
  • I fear being turned down whenever I ask for anything.
  • I fear I'm being a pest.
  • I fear falling off a motorcycle at 70mph.
  • I fear death by drowning, fire or madmen.
  • I fear the people of the US really believe in George Bush.

  • Surprisingly, today's really been pretty productive. Last night I got caught up on all my bills. I was able to do this by completely ignoring my AmEx bill. This will come to hurt me later, I know, but it gets the howling dogs off my heels. Then today, I finished the piece I needed to write for JournalCon, so those are two HUGE stresses that have been weighing on me that are now gone.

    Now if only I could get the damn house clean...

    3:38 p.m. - 2003-09-26


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