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Again, a tour inside

My cat Newman is fuzzy.

I say this not because I feel you need to know that my tabby has fur, but because these are the kinds of thoughts that are constantly running through my head.


This is why I am on anti-psychotic medications. This is why people think I'm weird. This is why Trevor Dunnigan sometimes stops and looks at me with brow furrowed.

NewmaTANG NewmaTANG Hey nonny nonny nonny NewmaTang! *pop* Doop doo doo doo.

This is why I suspect I will eventually end up alone with many cats, shuffling aroung in mismatched socks making kissy noises and passing out tuna snax.

I know I have talked about this before, but I have a lot of repetitive, goofy shit constantly milling about my head, like thousands of tiny Dustin Hoffmans. Sometimes the drugs work, but they haven't been lately. I have welts and scratches and scabs like I used to, and I've been mentally twitchy (I hope it's just mental, anyway). I think the Risperdal gods are mad at me for trying to taper off that and onto something else.

And this is my punishment.

Fusterlink fusterlink Hey nonny nonny nonny fusterlink! *pop* Doop doo doo doo

I'm sorry.

10:39 a.m. - 2003-09-03


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