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Queer guy for the straight teeth

My dentist is hot. There, I've said it. It's not a sentence I've ever gotten to say before. I've had a few cute medical doctors (most notably the physician's assistant from the Tilex incident), but my dentists have all been old, hairy-eared men.

But not Dr. Tasty, DDS. He is delicious and gentle. Funny, but sensitive to one's ability to talk when one has gadgets wedged into one's gums. He has the latest equipment and doesn't wear a lab coat.

And he's gay, I'm pretty certain, given his too-hip pants paired with the snappy 50s loafers and square glasses, but it doesn't matter. If he can do for my teeth what his compatriots did for that biker guy on QEFTSG, count me in, baby!

Actually, all my teeth issues are behind the scenes, so to speak. A few crowns needed, a cavity here and there, a $700 specially-built plastic thingy so I don't clench my jaw right through my head. I'm not even going to tackle my need for whitening-- I think my teeth are beyond repair.

This little visit netted me three more appointments and $4500 worth of "recommendations," and my insurance will only end up covering about 40% of that. It's so not bloody fair.

But at least he's cute.

This journal is going on hiatus for 5 days while I take Trevor Dunnigan up to Seattle for his 31st birthday. I told my mom that I've never dated anyone as old as him (I'm 33), and that maybe I should dump him for a younger man. She laughed harder than was called for, I think.

2:37 p.m. - 2003-09-04


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