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On snacks and saccharine

Three things stand out about today:

  • I had to go to work. Not a full day, but if I don't come up with the appropriate "numbers" on Tuesday, I can kiss me sweet ass goodbye. Speaking of sweet;
  • I brought home a lot of snack today. I stopped by the Krispy Kreme that opened up by my office recently and brought home a dozen fatty fat fat discs. Yummmmm. Then, after a drive home in which I thought of nothing but exactly how the bosses were going to behead me, and how I was then to word my resignation without bursting into too many tears, I stopped off at the Hostess discount store on the way home. Ho-Hos for $1.99! Fruit pies for 30 cents! So, we've got A LOT of sugar in this house right now. A goddamn lot. It's fantastic. It would be even better if I didn't have to go back in to work tomorrow, but at least I have something to devour with my coffee before I go;
  • We watched Xanadu tonight after dinner. Oh. My. God. It was my first time, and I spent most of the time watching it with a look on my face reminiscent of Reverend Jim. It was fun to see the Tubes and that black chick with the long hair from Solid Gold and the blonde guy from The Warriors.

I know I've completely lost all my young readers with that last one, and for that I am sorry. But just imagine some day 20 years from now, when From Justin to Kelly comes on TV and the look you'll have on your face whilst watching the gaudy dance numbers and remembering where you were the first time you heard all those awful songs.

Just you wait.

9:34 p.m. - 2003-08-30


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