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The Clues

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the STEVE update. So here it is:

  • Yes, he signed my niece's picture for me. Because of her power pose, he wrote "Rock on" and signed his name and Blue's pawprint. Points? He got them.
  • They ran out of CDs at the show, so I bought a 45 (I'm not even gonna explain that to those of you who don't get it) and he signed that too. I donated my Sharpie to him, because he had no pen. Points? I got them.

Steve couldn't find his blue crayon.

  • The show was pretty good. There was a crazy über-fan that was somewhat distracting, what with her VISIBLE SALIVATION and unblinking stare. She wasn't merely undressing him with her eyes, and I'm not going to speak any more of that.

Steve is DEVO.

  • There was one fly in our soup that night. Steve was not very nice to dorkfysh. He seemed tired and a little cranky, like he hadn't had his nap that day. He snapped at her because she asked him about an email what was written him.

Steve needs a snack and some socks.

  • But, all in all, it was a good show. All the parents at my office are impressed with my successes, and I know my neice will love the frame I've made for her prize.

    How handy is it to have a digital camera? Very handy.

    Hey, Blue just skidooed! Do you want to skidoo too? Blue skidoo, we can too!

    6:15 p.m. - 2003-08-28


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