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La Marche Futile

I lost the sole off my right-foot shoe today. They have a small heel, maybe an inch or so, and so they do that clicking one associates with Executive Assistants in pencil skirts or any of the women on Melrose Place walking along a tiled floor.

Well, without that right-heel sole, I sound like I'm trying to dance a tap with every alternate step. Every now and then I'd trip up and it would sound like a ball-shuffle-point-click-gotcha, or whatever those tap dance moves are called.

I only mention this because I only have two things I fell like writing about, and the other one is that I got a parking ticket. I got it for parking in a "loading zone" (which I call bullshit on, since there was a parking meter kiosk and two feet NorthWest of my car), whilst I ran into Safeway yesterday morning to buy breakfast and candy for the office. I bought the candy for the Vancouver office (Washington, unfortunately), an office roughly 15 miles from the Safeway, over 2 bridges and one state line. I parked in an underground lot, worked 9.5 hours without lunch and then drove the 15 miles back home.

And that's when I noticed the bright yellow parking ticket envelope. i'd been driving all over town with it since 7:45 that morning.

I don't know if that makes me stupid and unlucky, or adorably absent-minded and upstanding.

OK. Home now. I'm working overtime as it is.

5:54 p.m. - 2006-09-26


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