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One dress shy of a Section 8

Please note: In the interest of my husband's privacy, I've decided to be prudent and finally give Trevor Dunnigan an alias. Well, given that 'Trevor Dunnigan' was already an alias, I guess I'm now he's getting Lost*.

Some TV shows make me wish I was on MST3K. To Eli Horvath's** chagrin, several shows make me act that way too. Survivor is one of them. I talk very loudly to the TV. Sometimes I even amuse Eli Horvath*** just a bit. A couple weeks ago, I observed that one guy, Jonathan, sounds like Alan Alda. Well, this week, he was sporting a bucket hat, á la Donald Sutherland.

Eli Horvath thinks he'll be building a home-made still next and I say by the end of the show he'll have had a passionate kiss with Loretta Swit.

Deep thought: Do you think the funeral for first former cast member of Survivor will have that "The tribe has spoken" music on a loop, with each mourner approaching the casket with a piece of parchment and a sentiment about "the game?"

*Get it? Alias? Lost? *wink wink*
** nče Trevor Dunnigan

10:02 p.m. - 2006-09-28


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