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Things I haven't done in a while:

      Written anything (other than directions on how to save a document to your desktop, and shit like that)
      Thrown a party
      Chatted online
      Worn shorts
      Gone dancing
      Written emails to friends
      Cared about the outcome of a major league baseball game
      Taken hallucinigenic drugs
      Been to Canada
      Not felt very, very old

Things I do all the time, but didn't ever used to do:

      Buy size 16 pants
      Go to bed at 6pm
      Tear up when anyone mentions a cat
      Start wheezing after two floors of stairs or three blocks of walking
      Sit on the bus thinking pithy things to say in a journal entry, then get home and do nothing
      Read books and think "Now, why didn't I write that?"
      Thinking about high school as "The good old days"

Christ, it's that last one that hurts the most.

3:15 p.m. - 2006-07-07


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