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Live report from California

You know, now that I'm stably medicated, I cry at commercials. Why does the internet have to make it more difficult for me?

I'm live at the scene of my second day in Sacramento, and man-oh-man: this place is infested with Methodists. How do I know they are Methodists? Because 1: they don't take off their conventioneer name tags when they go out in public and (b) they all look like my mother.

Seriously, every conventioneer I've seen is at least in his or her (mostly her) mid-fifties and they all have an aura of bland pleasantness. I can't imagine what on Earth they are all conventioning about for three whole days. I suppose I could ask my Mom, but then she'd answer and I don't think I could take that.

In other news, the hotel I'm staying at is really nice (although after the Tropicana, a shoebox in the middle of the road would be an improvement), but they don't get Comedy Central. It's horrifying, and I blame Schwartzendickwad. The airwaves were so bereft of watchable TV (aside from the Stanley Cup game-- go Edmonton!) I had to order a movie which will undoubtably cost more than if I had gone to a theatre in San Francisco to see it instead). It was OK. Now I can talk to the Mother about it, since I'm finally up to speed on the Harry Potter series.

And with that having been accomplished, it is now time for me to go back to my hotel room, grab a baby shower gift, and head on out to a restaurant near the capitol. I've got a pregnant cousin (in law) and two cousin buddies to eat, drink and be drunk with.

4:24 p.m. - 2006-06-15


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