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Well, fuck. It's been up and down this past week (mostly down, despite the cute cats and cuddly husband and deliciously flannel weather). I played receptionist last Friday, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. It was a one day gig, so I am now in the bookkeeping dept of a petroleum company that I think was last upgraded in 1982.

No, seriously, it's still ALL paper trails and the one computer program I need to use is DOS based. DOS. This is a company that employs only women with acrylic nails and feathered hair. I actually heard a grown man refer to a driver as "that new colored boy." This is the same man with what can only be called the most Magnificent Comb-forward that has Ever Been Seen.

So, not only am I only getting paid 10 bucks an hour to work in this worm-hole to the past, but they complained to my owners that I wasn't dressed up enough, and that they should make sure to tell me of the dress code. I think they must have been pissed about my shoes, because I guess they could be mislabelled as "tennis shoes," although they are laceless black shoes. I think my mistake was not wearing girly enough shit. So tomorrow I must don the painful heeled shoes and the too-tight slacks and the lipstick and whatnot. Fucking fuckers. What the hell are they expecting?

Then? When I got home? I was served papers. Apparently, Multnomah County is taking me to small claims court for eight hundred thirty-four dollars and sixty-four cents.

As I believe I said earlier today: well, fuck.

6:21 p.m. - 2005-11-07


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