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Catching up

Well, hell. I've got a temp gig at a place without internet access, so I'm going to try to enter this one by email. So, apologies if this looks weird. I haven't been writing lately because of a combination of nothing constructive to say and no time to say it. I've been stressing from all the government agencies after my money. Boy is that fun. Also, I've been gaining weight just in time for my sister's wedding next week. Isn't my metabolism thoughtful?

Hang on, kids-- I've got a week's worth of whining to get through. I carry two tiny notebooks with me (why I don't consolidate into one can only be explained by the depth of my messenger bag. It surprises me that I have only two.) I like to think I have thoughts that are worthy of jotting down, to be used later in an entry like this. Looking through the few pages of scribbles I have, I realize that I don't really think much. And my memory is terrible. I have three separate entries devoted to the single fact that taking a certain Type II diabetes medicine currently making the rounds on the advertising circuit increases your chance of pregnancy.

On the one hand, it's nice to see that they have actually been doing clinical studies with more than just the usual older white men. Then again, maybe that's why they make a point to mention it. A flurry of pregnant men might cause some panic without the proper small print warnings.

That's all I can squeeze out of my head today.

14:29 - 2005-11-16


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