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No liberal media today...

I've had so very little to do at my job lately that I'm getting overwhelming outrage fatigue, what with all the blogs I've been reading. I am assuming those of you who have read my latest entries may be suffering the same feeling. And so, to remedy that horrible sinking feeling one gets when one ponders the the future of our country and our planet, I return to:

***********Random Bulletpoints**************

  • You know what smells good? Toast. I think they should have toast-scented deodorant, potpourri and air fresheners.

  • Our local community college is offering a class in Ghosthunting. I think we're gonna take it. Hee!

  • Pier 1 is already at Christmas. And that's just wrong.

  • I recently temped in the HR department at a local business. I was filing employee reviews, and I couldn't help but read them as I filed. One person was 'dismissed due to too many missed workdays and high absenteeism, too.' I love that department.

  • I think I got this from Dispatches from the Culture Wars. It speaks for itself. And what is it saying? That this country is being run by fucktards.

OK, I've only been at work for 7 hours and I think I may finally have something to do.

3:56 p.m. - 2005-10-13


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