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Oy, Day

OK - I'm about to enter World O' Crap's territory, and I really should be going to bed because it's late, but... I cannot let this go unanswered. Thanks to Fark for pointing this out.

Women! Some Day is Today! (WorldNetDaily), by Vox Day
[dude - rockin' haircut. Whatta *rebel*) --ed.]

Is motherhood instinctive or learned behavior? Both religion and science tell us that it is instinctive, much to the distaste of the feminist ideologists, who have never been overburdened by a solid grasp on either. But one need only watch the way in which a young girl mothers her stuffed animals to see the maternal instinct at work.

What does being feminist have to do with with one's grasp on religion and science? Just because I don't believe in your particular brand of spaghetti monster gods doesn't mean I don't understand it. And instinct and learned behavior are not mutually exclusive. And neither makes me a slave to my womb. And hey, I don't see a womb on you, buddy, so shut up.

This is not to say behavior that contradicts these instincts cannot be learned, only that the individual will always possess a certain level of instinct and, for the purposes of this discussion, it does not matter if those instincts are instilled by evolution or a Creator God that must be overcome by years of propaganda and social pressure.

Oh, wait. I see: it's feminist propaganda and social pressure that's keeping me from popping out those kids like toast-- not my well-thought-out financial and health reasons. Gosh, I feel so silly. Stupid girl. If only I had a penis to help me see through all that wool the feminazis have been pulling over my eyes by allowing me to make up my own mind on this matter.

Although the Equalitarian Society is now, by most statistical measures, structured so as to favor its female members, it nevertheless poses a cruel choice to those women cursed by its costly blessings

Really? You think this is an egalitarian society? Really? Because if you actually believe these United States to be 'structured to favor female members,' then by definition it's not "equalitarian." But that's a quibble. I'm really interested in how exactly things are 'structured' in my favor. Show me a law that says 'Vagina good; Penis bad.' To mix metaphors, there's a difference between stacking the deck and levelling the playing field.

And a woman foolish enough to wait more than two decades before attempting to have children has no one to blame but herself. As for the likelihood that the technological future will eventually solve such problems, it is worth noting that no society that possesses artificial wombs, robot sex dolls, multiplayer video games and 24-hour sports networks is one in which men are likely to show a tremendous amount of interest in relationships or the opposite sex.

Um, what? Let me try to sum up: Women who don't pop out at least one child before she's twenty deserves infertility, because our society is full of plastic Uteri, robot hookers and other things that keep men from wanting to form a meaningful relationship and/or start a family. It bears repeating: Um, what?

Fortunately, as we have not yet reached Nerdvana, there are a number of steps that a woman whose priority remains marriage and children can take in order to happily achieve those goals:

"Nerdvana?" Oh, for fuck's sake.

OK, then he lists his 10 "helpful hints." I cannot for the life of me tell if he's meaning to be glib, sarcastic or honest with most of these. I mean, the skateboarder smirk seems like it's there at times, but... he's not funny and he is posting on World Net Daily. I'm going to have to go with serious.

1. Don't engage in casual dating relationships after 18. They're fun, and they'll also prevent you from pursuing more fruitful relationships.

OK, see what I mean? That sounds like it should be sarcastic. But, I think that 2nd sentence is supposed to make "casual dating realtionships" sound like a bad thing.

2. Make those potential long-term relationships your top priority. If you put college or your job first, there's a reasonable chance that a job is all you'll have at 40 ... and 60. Consider the president's new Supreme Court nominee. The unmarried and childless Creepy McCrypto is on the verge of becoming one of the two most powerful professional women in the country does she really represent the ideal American woman?

OK: Creepy McCrypto? Stupid, because a) she's not that old; and 2: she spent all her time babysitting Bush. You'd think he'd respect her for that. And, oh yeah-- Scalia certainly represents the "ideal American Man." Or does that pre-requisite only apply to the ladies?

Settle earlier rather than later. I can't tell you how many women I know who blew off good men in their late teens and early 20s who now regret doing so. Those who are not still single at 35 are now married to men generally considered to be of lower quality than the men they spurned before. Remember, your choices narrow as you get older, while men's choices broaden.

*Sigh* Let's ignore the obvious 'women over 30 aren't desirable' shit and parse this sentence: "Those who are not still single at 35 are now married to men generally considered to be of lower quality than the men they spurned before."

"Those [women] who are not still single [that is, those who are married] are now married to men generally to be of lower quality blah blah blah..." So, women who marry before 35 are stuck with crappier men? What does the quality of husband have to do with the age of the wife? And what about women who did marry at 20 and are now 35? What is the quality of their (collective, hypothetical) husband? And I'm not even going to dignify that last sentence with an answer.

And he goes on, but I have to go to bed. If I write much more, it will just devolve (sorry- Intelligently Re-design) into name calling and bitch-slapping. Here's a great post on ol 'Vox from Dispatches from the Culture War. Goodnight, and good luck.

11:54 p.m. - 2005-10-10


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