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A question about the point

Can anyone remind what the difference is between therapy and whining?

(Well, I suppose the same thing could be said about an online journal, but at least I'm working my writing muscle. You know the one-- it's that one that's impossible to get out during a game of Operation. Anyway, I'd like to think I'm not spending $75 a visit just to practice whinging.)

I had my first appointment in a long time yesterday and it seemed like all I was doing was complaining about my job prospects and the heat and the fact that the only memories I have of my father is him yelling at me about my urine tests (sugar, that is-- this is when monitoring one's diabetes management required test tubes, centrifuges and a chemist license). She listened and encouraged and whatnot, but really all I got out of it were refills on my prescriptions. It just seemed like a lot of sitting in traffic for no apparent reason. I told her my insecurities and she validated me. But you know what? My insecurities are as strong as ever. Maybe stronger, since I sat in the car on the way home overanalyzing what I said and why I said it, reliving what I did originally to warrant my confession and upsetting myself further, finally settling on the fact that I prefer disc one to disc two of the new Foo Fighters album.

And I coulda done that without getting out of bed.

9:02 p.m. - 2005-07-19


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