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Don't stand so close to me

So, I do this every time. Put me in a situation in which I frequent an area (like, say, a job or a store) and, given enough frequency, I will find someone who, if I were that kind of person, I would stalk.

Let me rephrase.

All my life I have attached myself to someone I see a lot and just fixate on them. It doesn't matter their sex, marital status, age or shoe size. I will pick someone and, like a lamprey, stick to them for however long I can until I'm bored of them. It's kind of a crush, I guess, but differs a tad. I just feel the need to find out everything about them. At some point I decide I know enough, and move on to someone else.

I have done this since I can remember. My list includes several science partners, several roommates (and a few of my friends'), three cashiers at Safeway and one at Zupan's, all three clerks at a small video store in Santa Barbara and, of course, countless co-workers.

I guess in most cases it could be classified as a crush, but they are all (except in a few circumstances) akin to crushes one would get on a particularly delicious actor or musician. I am aware the crush is not only highly unlikely but almost assuredly impossible, but I still keep my eye peeled, I still save my funniest bon mots for their presence.

The few circumstances which were feasible ended up going somewhere, and in all but one circumstance, it ended unsatisfactorily.

I married the one that worked out.

7:56 p.m. - 2005-06-13


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