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How I've been since I got sumped*

Fortunately, I've been sleeping in with the cats every day.
Unfortunately, nobody will pay you for sleeping in, with or without felines.
Fortunately, I got unemployment.
Unfortunately, it ran out.
Fortunately, all the free time allowed me to start various household, gardening and writing projects.
Unfortunately, the only project I've stuck to is napping.
Fortunately, some funny stuff has happened in the past 9 months.
Unfortunately, I didn't write anything down to bne transcribed into my journal.
Fortunately, I got a temp job that gives me some time to write.
Unfortunately, it's only for 2 weeks.

So, hopefully, I will be able to remember and write about some of the funny things I've seen, heard and experienced lately. We'll see how that goes.

Format shamelessly stolen from Remy Charlip

*sump ('s&mp). Function: verb
1 : to be abused, misused and thrown away by a difficult boss; 2 : to suffer from a management that is lacking in management skills.
I was totally sumped in that meeting today.

3:17 p.m. - 2005-04-20


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