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I don't know why I'm writing about this. I should be out watching Anchorman right now

We spent the weekend in the town of our youth, finally supervising the meeting of his parents and my mother.

And Estelle.

Mom threw us a reception, and out of nowhere became the party planner of the year. The food was great, the guest list was evenly matched with his family and mine, new friends and old, people we hadn't seen for decades and folks we were just meeting for the first time.

And Estelle.

Mom got points with just about everyone, including the elder Dunnigans. This didn't surprise me, since Mom is generally a very likeable, pleasant woman. Even my ex-boyfriend's parents showed up (although he himself totally flaked), and just couldn't be sweeter. It seemed to be universally agreed that Trevor Dunnigan is the greatest thing ever, and apparently I made a good impression on the uncles Dunnigan. Everyone got along swimmingly, and each side was anxious to meet the other.

Even Estelle.

She didn't do anything unbelievably obnoxious during the party (besides interrupting a discussion between me and several Dunnigan family members to announce "I've received several awards at the IRS."). To their credit, the Dunnigans reacted as any normal family would: as if she were a three year old announcing that she had just used the potty, with simple encouragement and offers of cookies.

Estelle's M.O. has changed considerably since I first met her when I was twelve. She used to be very hostile to me and my family. She was nasty, obsessive about pointing out other people's flaws, and generally just really, really bitchy. Now she is sickeningly sweet to everyone, I guess in hopes of becoming everyone's bestest friend ever. She often shares way too much information to even the most recently introduced. She often makes judgements and reverses them right away, should someone disagree. She is quite possibly the most insecure person I have ever met.

But one thing that has not changed is her impeccable sense of timing. My longtime reader(s) may remember when I took my mother aside and finally explained that I would no longer be indulging Estelle in her lapses of tact, among other things. My instructions to my mom were to have her rein in her obnoxious friend, and keep her from continually making inappropriate comments about my family and expecting us to take it.

But my mom chose to tell her instead something along the lines of "Emily is mad at you."

So, ever the master of timing, Estelle chose to pull me aside just minutes before the party starts to "talk" to me about my "issue" with her. She proceeded to claim ignorance as to what she possibly could have done to make me dislike her. She just had no idea-- did I want to talk to her about it? Clear the air?

Hell no! Luckily, she offered me an out by suggesting perhaps we could "start things fresh from today," although I suspect Mom chose not to clue her in to the fact that I don't want to be her friend, I don't want to talk to her, I just want her to go. Away.

I mumbled "Yesletsstartfresh," and started to walk away, but Estelle wouldn't quit. She began apologizing for what ever it was I was so upset about, and she's not making excuses, but you know she had buried her husband by the time she was my age and she had buried her mother at 22, and that's not an excuse or anything, but she's had a hard life and she has been 'part of [my] family' since before I had even met Trevor Dunnigan.

Yes, in her attempt to apologize for being horrible to me for decades, she implied that she should be more important to me than my husband.

I just... I can't.... I don't...


8:25 p.m. - 2004-07-14


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