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A Word of Warning

If you take one thing, just one thing, away from your reading experience here on Medicine Balls, let it be this:

Burn those journals you wrote when you were in college. Do not read them, just let them burn. They will do you no good, they will not be amusing. They are sad, self-involved lists of classes you cut and declarations of how much you were PMSing. They are filled with a litany of sobbing dramas that, no matter how life-changing they seemed at the time, turned out not to matter at all. They chronicle an army of names who you'd rather forget, if only you could remember them to begin with.

And once you have permanently dispatched with the incriminating evidence of self absorption and bad ideas, then you can get to the meat of the problem:

Who was Erich Miller, and why was I surprised to see him in a Santa Barbara coffee shop?

9:39 p.m. - 2004-06-13


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