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So, how's married life treatin' ya?

Best thing I ever did. No, I'm serious. You want to know why? My husband is downstairs, right now, doing the dishes while listening to "Cum on Feel the Noize." By Slade.

He is so fucking awesome.

I got a letter from my cousin yesterday that actually included a letter I wrote to her in 1989, when I was a freshman in college. In addition to the laughingly pompous writing style (oh, I was so young), I included a story about this weird dream I had where I was actually *doing it* with this friend of mine from high school named "Trevor Dunnigan." Twice.

'But I don't even like him that way!!'

Ooh, I'd better not tell my husband about that, he might get jealous. Heh.

Ronald Reagan died today, and I swear I heard a million voices cry out "I thought he was already dead."

I was in sixth grade when he was shot, and I remember my mother getting called into a parent-teacher conference because I had celebrated his shooting in my school journal. I didn't know any better-- this was before Doom taught me what a shooting really was. So I became cynical of politics at the age of ten.

Anyway, they will be memorializing him for the next month, and I'm sure Bush will turn this somehow into another fundraising drive, and I still think he was a skeevy politician who got elected on charm (like some other California governors I can think of) and a crappy president who had no idea what real life was like. And I can't wait until the Oscars next year when all the actors who should know better clap and look disingenuously sad when his mug comes up during the montage of the dead.

He was a bad actor and a worse president. And when they change the constitution so thick Austrians with steriod-addled brains can be president, I will say the same thing about Schwarzenegger.

9:52 p.m. - 2004-06-05


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