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I'm updating my resume!

OK, I've figured out what I want to be when I grow up:

I want to be 're-enactment talent.'

You know, for shows on the History channel, Discovery Channel and all those ghost stories on the Travel Channel. I could totally do it. I can't tell if they would go for classically trained actors versus, say, mimes (since there's never any dialog), but hey-- I was Marley in my sixth grade presentation of "A Christmas Carol." I stole the show as the Innkeeper's wife in my first grade Sunday school Christmas pageant. I think I could do this.

Plus, I've totally got an historically accurate body type: I'm preternaturally pale, so I can play Irish, English, Russian, Viking. I'm short-- folks were shorter back then. And? My facial expression is naturally dour: My mother has an olde-tyme photo of my sisters and me taken at Marriott's Great America-- we were supposed to be three young ladies in the Civil War era (you know, when they never smiled) -- and I look like I belong there.

So, anyone out there who can set me up? I'm willing to play all types of victim, perpetrator and/or mourner. I'm excellent at looking sad, forlorn, broken-hearted-- sometimes all three!

OK, so I'm ready, assuming Miss Unsolved History hasn't had me blacklisted.

9:48 p.m. - 2004-06-07


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