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Shooting marbles with frogs

I spent my day intermittently reading enraging articles on our horrible government (I'm taking the easy way out and just sending you rumblelizard's way) and playing Zuma deluxe. Final numbers? 1.42 hours, 7 Temples and a score of 336,550.

Oh, and I saw my therapist today and talked about how underappreciated and taken for granted I feel at work.

I am trusting that no one with the power to hire me would actually bother reading this, and yet I feel compelled to justify myself anyway-- at the risk of boring you people with talk of "closing the marketing loop" and various degrees of cell manipulation in Excel.

Hmmm. Maybe I won't. Instead, I'll concoct a metaphor that is apropos:

Imagine you are standing at the bottom of a hill. At the top of a hill is, say, a particularly well-prepared burrito. Not something you'd die for, but something that would be mildly satisfying. Now imagine someone coming up and chaining something heavy, say the Stone of Shame, to your right foot. You've got energy to burn and you still want that burrito, so you start to lug yourself and the Stone of Shame up the hill. About a quarter of the way up, someone else arrives and chains the Stone of Triumph to your left leg. You look down at the stones, you look up at the burrito. Then, a third person arrives and chains the Stones of Irritation, Dismay and Moral Outrage to your various other available parts. You look at the burrito again.

Wouldn't you play Zuma instead?

4:27 p.m. - 2004-03-02


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