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At least I didn't spend it on Bud Lite

I spent my last four dollars (all in quarters, mind you) on the following foodstuffs for my office:

  • One (1) loaf Buttermilk Bread, Generic;
  • Two (2) Doughnuts, chocolate old-fashioned, frosted;
  • Two (2) bags half-off valentine's day candy, Hershey's kisses in pink and red foil and Necco's Tiny message candy hearts.

I now officially have no money. I have about $28 dollars in my bank account, but the pharmacy should be posting that $44 check any day now, and they'd better be sending those drugs soon, I'm out of both anti-depressants.

So until payday, I'll be like a kept woman, without the bon-bons and the not working.

Trevor Dunnigan and I have been trying to decide where to go on vacation in April. You see, I just found out that I got a thousand dollar raise and a $750 bonus and I'm getting $300 back from taxes this year, but none of that will hit until March 31.

We were first considering Montreal, it being in Canada and all, but the Nova that was on the other night I think has convinced me never to set foot on another airplane.


The super-high tech insulation that's on 80% of the planes flying today? Flammable. Highly flammable.

That, and about a billion other facts they shared with us on that program, has made me decide I want to drive to Vancouver, stay there a couple days, then take the ferry to Victoria. Trevor Dunnigan, who was gung-ho about this idea last month, now wants to fly somewhere. So we are at an impasse.

It's not that I don't want to go to New York or Montreal or Toronto, it's just it will be more expensive. And more in the future. I ain't flying to New York without tickets to The Daily Show, and I hear they're out to August now.

And lord knows I can't have all that money burning a hole in my Credit Union that long.

3:58 p.m. - 2004-02-19


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