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The boob heard 'round the world

...And no, I'm not talking about Our Feckless Leader. I just thought I'd weigh in on the whole other Jackson kerfuffle, because I know people haven't been talking about it enough.

In the latest issue of People Magazine (and THANK GOD someone has documented Oprah's 50th birthday "bash." It really is why we keep that pesky first amendment around), there is a quote from Michael Powell, the FCC chief who is totally his own man and did not get where he is because his father is Secretary of State, and certainly can be trusted with keeping the American press and speech free of abridgement. Anyway, this is the quote:

I am outraged...Americans should not have to tolerate such a gratuitous display of nudity.

Americans should not have to tolerate nudity.

Gratuitous nudity.

I think most Americans can handle nudity. We aren't a nation of eleven-year old boys, Beavis Bush and Butthead Ashcroft excepted. There's nudity in all sorts of hoity toity art. I saw boobs and dicks in my Children's Bible. And the shit we have to tolerate from this administration is clearly much worse than another Jackson body part.

It's a boob, people-- get over it. Really, the only gratuitous boob that needs to be "dealt with" is Michael Powell.

Now we can stop talking about it.

7:13 p.m. - 2004-02-09


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