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This little piggy went to marketing

I have just come out of a two day marathon marketing meeting, and I haven't quite recovered yet. There are few things that numb my brain as much as 30 people arguing the same point round and round and round for 9 hours. In an effort to keep myself awake, I started keeping track of the marketing meeting archetypes represented in that meeting room today:

  • The 'Me-too': This is the participant who can't let any sentence the presenter makes without agreeing loudly. Often adds a re-wording of the thought in order to make it look like they are involved in the discussion.
  • The overachiever: These are the people who take an idea and run with it until it is so grossly embellished that it is unmanageable. Often begin their sentences with "You know what else would be great..."
  • Static: These are the people who, for reasons unknown, refuse to stay silent during a presentation. Are often found busy doing other work or making snide commentary under their breaths.
  • The Goldfish: The goldfish are those participants who repeatedly bring up the same topic and same questions over and over again, somehow forgetting what had already been covered. Comparable to the idea that goldfish have such short-term memories that they forget the scenery outside their tank after one lap.

Some people would say I spent the last two days 'brainstorming strategies' and 'creating insight' so I can 'take it to the next level,' but I say I just lost two days of my life, and all the free pizza won't bring them back.

4:44 p.m. - 2004-01-29


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