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A case of the leg warmers calling the headbands stupid

A coworker of mine has been wearing deeply disturbing outfits lately. Not that I'm known for my fashion sense. Currently, I dress from the frump section of Fred Meyer and the evening pants department in Meier & Frank. I now determine what I will wear using the time tested three part question of outfit selection: a) Is it comfy? b) Is it clean? and c) well, does it at least not have any stains or cat pee on it?

I am well aware how lucky I am to not have to work in a formal office, because I cannot do stylish and I'm in no way up on fashion.

In fact, the last time I considered myself even slightly fashionable was 1983. Have you seen the fashions from 1983? I rest my case.

Anyway, 1983 is probably a good guess at what year this coworker first acquired the fashions she's been seen in lately. Yesterday, it was a puce puffy pirate shirt underneath a linen business jacket. Today, she is wearing a purple silk silk blouse with a big ruffle lining the collar, with the same business jacket.

I can't really look at her without turning to a coworker and saying "Gag me with a spoon."

In other news, 8 years ago today, I got Trevor Dunnigan drunk while watching Flesh Gordon, and the rest... well, that's why we're celebrating.

4:40 p.m. - 2004-01-27


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