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A Little Night Train

I had a most disturbing and vivid dream this morning. Before I jump into the weak narrative, I should note that last night was the first night I've spent by myself in our house (and we moved in in January), so I fell asleep alone and a little freaked.

Okay, so the dream starts out with me and Trevor Dunnigan at a bus stop in San Francisco. I am carrying a two liter bottle of Diet Pepsi, and we're trying to run to catch a MUNI train (yeah- that's the first weird thing. MUNI does not have 4-car trains). I was mad at TD because he couldn't decide which train he wanted to take. Finally, he got on one and I followed. The bus was packed, and I quickly lost sight of him. In my zeal to find him, I somehow get pushed back off the train, and it takes off without me.

I am, of course, freaked out and I chase the bus in tears, cradling the Diet Pepsi. I spend the next scene trying vainly to get on other trains so I can catch up with him. I finally get on the fourth train, and use two Subway Club Cards stickers to pay for my ride.

The rest of the dream, which seemed to last forever, is spent looking out the window of the train as it drives from South San Francisco to the coast, and then to Portland. No, MUNI doesn't normally drive to Portland, but it's a dream, people, stay with me here. Anyway, the train heads up the coast, past a huge stadium, an enormous waterfall and dam and a factory that is making these large, red, plastic tubes. And I thought, 'huh.'

Then, to the left, there loomed a mountain with a gorgeous, gigantic cathedral on it. The mountain was covered with tarp leading up to the cathedral, and on the tarp were thousands of people trying to climb up the tarp to the cathedral. It was part of a pilgrimage.

And just beyond the cathedral was an even bigger...water slide park. Made of large, red plastic tubes.

It was cool. I've never had such continuity in my dreams.

Anyway, the train starts to climb this big mountain like we were on a roller coaster, and once it got to the top the scenery turned very sci fi. The train continued to stop at stations, but in between we went through enormous tunnels, over mountains, through big shining granite valleys with greco-roman buildings and weird futuristic graveyards.

we were getting close to the Lloyd Center station, which was where I expected to fing Trevor Dunnigan, since that is the station nearest our house. But I never got there, and I never found Trevor Dunnigan.

And I woke up alone and sad.

10:18 p.m. - 2003-11-27


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