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Family Snapshot

I had begun my long weekend with the goal of sitting in my pajamas and watching true crime shows for as long as I could. By those terms, my holiday was a great success. I didn't get the house cleaned or the dishes done or the bills paid, but I watched a lot of CourtTV and old Angel episodes. Aim low, my friends, and ye shall achieve all your goals.

Trevor Dunnigan was gone from Wednesday through Saturday, so I didn't have anyone to corral my rampant laziness. I sat in the big blue chair, or sometimes on the love seat, among the cats, the empty pill bottles and the half-eaten boxes of Kellogg's Sugar Smacks. I didn't shower for three days, people. It was lovely.

Thanksgiving itself was very nice. Ate with K and family (her hubby's a chef) and my Uncle S from Seattle. We ate lots of good food and watched home movies that made me disturbingly instrospective. Uncle S is my father's last living sibling, and it's hard to look at him without wondering what Dad would be like now. Then to watch the home movies and look at all the 1970 fashions and furniture and realize that I am older than my mother was when these movies were taken; these movies with her and her handsome husband and her three darling children in the snow. Pictures from our first Christmas as a family of five, crumpled wrapping paper and stockings full of underwear shot through the haze of our father's cigarette smoke. We were the perfect suburban family. I'm not going to reveal any dark family secrets now, because we really were an idyllic family unit, and it's weird to watch 33 years later.

So, yes, I spent my Thanksgiving weekend snuggled up in pajamas, cats and mawkish nostalgia.

How was yours?

3:33 p.m. - 2003-12-01


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