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I love my rheumatologist. I don't think many people say that. Not that rheumatologists aren't lovable, it's just I think most people don't think of their doctors that way.

But Dr. K is no regular doctor. He's tall and gangly and passes no judgement. Does he think I'm on too many drugs? No, and he feels like if I'm in pain, I need to take care of that. What do I think might help me? Massage? Physical Therapy? Muscle Relaxants? Here you go.

The man is a dream doctor.

His new physician's assistant, though, gives me the creeps. I normally see his assistant V, and she's great. But for some reason I had to see this new gal, a middle-aged blonde woman who was WAY too talkative. Unsatisfied just to take my blood pressure and verify my medication list, she went out of her way to ask if I had any sensitive issues to discuss, one's that I might feel embarrassed to talk about to the Doctor. My response, pointed blinking, elicited a rambling speech about other patients, older women mostly, who would tell her all sorts of womanly problems that they were just too shy to bring up to Dr. K. She then went on to illustrate what kinds of problems I could feel free to bring up: cramps, STDs, painful nipples, anything!

All I could do was stare at her until she left.

8:15 p.m. - 2003-10-30


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