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My doctor told me I shouldn't drink.


Now, I'm not a very heavy drinker. I drink socially. And despite what I told my doctor, I do self-medicate. And I drink when I'm bored. And to celebrate things. And when I'm nervous. And when I clean the cat box.

OK, so I drink a lot. So this directive troubles me somewhat. I was told that, given the number of pharmaceuticals I am on, my liver probably doesn't have the juice to deal with alcohol too. Stupid liver. I was counting on you.

Liver, you're the only organ I can trust. The pancreas crapped out early on. The kidneys can't stop creating rock art. The heart has been iffy since the first inning. Don't EVEN get me started on the glands. And the brain? Losing it. Seriously. Why have you all forsaken me?

I don't know if I really will stop drinking. It doesn't seem to be that big a deal. I had bloodwork done not too long ago and my liver numbers (output? function? results?) were "normal." That's good, right? Therefore, if my liver is still healthy, I'm free to abuse it, aren't I?

Jesus, just thinking about it will drive me to drink.

So, I was sitting in the bar at the Omni on Saturday afternoon when suddenly I was pummeled on the shoulder from behind by a guy growling "Hulk ANGRY!!! Hulk SMASH!!!!"

I looked at him with raised eyebrows and pursed my lips. He continued in the same voice.

"I'm SORRY!!! I thought you were SOMEONE ELSE!!! I MISREAD your NAMETAG!!! I look like an IDIOT!"

See? That's what JournalCon is all about. Geeky references thrown out by mistake in a bar. Beautiful.

And finally, as part of my ongoing series, "Pictures of cats in the backyard tree" I give you: Tbone.

Have a nice weekend, y'all.

2:14 p.m. - 2003-10-24


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