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My god, I guess I really am a 50 year old mama's boy

I have felt, lo these past several days, like my brain is in a soup. A fog, if you will. I keep apologizing to my friends and family for being so damn boring. And now I will apologize to you.

I'm sorry.

I blame the pain killers, as pain killers seem also to be funny killers. It's not like I haven't had funny things happen to me, and so have nothing to write about. My cat got into a fight with a talking Towly doll. I've been watching a lot of good DVDs and bad TV that could stand some comment. I got one of those African scam letters from Adam West. And yet, I can't find anything funny to write about any of them.

Well, the Adam West thing kinda writes itself. I have to wonder, how did Batman get my email address? What is he doing writing emails in poor English on behalf of the Nigerian government? Will Burt Ward be following up on this?

I'm sorry. But I have to say for one, brief, shining moment I thought maybe the star of Lookwell might have read my journal and found something worthwhile in it, but it was not to be.

OK, remember when I just said that funny stuff happens to me, but I can't be funny about it? Remember? Just a few (ok, 3) paragraphs ago? Well, here's another one that writes itself.

I was sitting here "writing" my entry and staring out the window. Trevor Dunnigan was on the floor playing High Heat MLB 2004 on our Playstation 2. It just so happened that my favorite dog ever walked by. In my excitement to point this out to my boyfriend, I bounced up and down in my chair and said "Mommy..."

Yes, I said "Mommy" instead of "Trevor."

Yes, I have been drinking.

Help me.

7:04 p.m. - 2003-09-15


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