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Stop passing out sideways

I am very tired after a day of being shat upon by my boss. She is an emotional rollercoaster too fast and frightening for me. You all know how I feel about medications. Soothing, soothing medications. She needs them. Badly.

Trevor Dunnigan was plastered for no reason when I got home last night (at about 7:30 PST, mind you) after working out (yeah, I know. Shut up. Let it soothe your mind that I'm no good at this "exercise" business). He was plowed. Slurringly and slobberingly drunk off his ass. It was kinda funny, since I rarely see him like that when I'm sober enough to enjoy it. Lord knows why he decided to drink a six pack of IPA in about an hour. I'm sure if there was a reason, he'll never tell me. But it was funny, me getting to keep him away from the hot things that burn in the kitchen and helping him over to his side of the bed, since he had passed out diagonally across the bed an hour before my bedtime (which would be 10:30pm). And that was after a good twenty minutes of puking. What fun!

It's a shame, because I had such a bad day at work I needed more shopping therapy (I curse you, Best Buy! Mr. Show 3rd Season AND National Lampoon's Vacation in one day! Fie! And here's my AmEx!). I would like to get loaded tonight and watch me some Bob and David, but apparently we've no booze left in the house.

Oh well. At least I'm not so huge an LOTR fan that I have to buy the Two Towers DVD and then buy it again when the fancy-ass version comes out. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you Horseshack. Er, Paul.

5:25 p.m. - 2003-08-26


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