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I have officially given up trying to get my project done before I leave today. I have tomorrow off, since my rockstar sister is coming into town, so that means I will show up late and probably hungover on Monday morning to a pissed off boss. And me fresh out of excuses. Oh well. My blood sugar dropped so low just now that the new guy asked "What's wrong with you?" because I was so unresponsive to his simple question.

I ate a package and a half of airheads and three cupcakes and feel only slightly better.

I am falling asleep at my keyboard, but I can't go home until my prescriptions are ready. I thought I might as well stay here and work, but you see how that's going.

So the fucking Austrian is running for governor. Get ready for more Terminator puns than any self-respecting state should have to deal with. Although, I think it's pretty much been determined how self-respecting California is. I have a lot of friends and family in California but really, collectively? It's a DUMBASS STATE. To combat the sinking feeling that we're all going to hell in an accented handbasket, I give to you this paper. I had a feeling it was more a psychological flaw than a sound politcal ideology.

I had a dream last night that I met up with mrs-roboto and her husband Monkeyface at their house, which happened to be in Pioneer Square in Portland. As we sat at their formica kitchen table, Mrs-Roboto told stories while Mr. Mrs-Roboto picked the sleep out of my eyes and Trevor Dunnigan went to buy Opera tickets.

Is that how things are really going to be when we meet up in September? Huh, mrs-roboto? Huh?

4:20 p.m. - 2003-08-07


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