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I was hoping for viking pOrn, but it's just a virus.

I've been spidered in Norwegian somehow, so I've been getting Norwegian spam (spåm). It's kind of odd. I can read maybe half of what it says, which is pretty good, considering. I just can't wait for Dr. Sven WekAsa to write on behalf of [his] other colleagues from different organs of Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) in regards to install 20 millon dollars into [my] bank acount. Tusen takk, motherfucker!

I accidentally left all my meds at home, so I'm scratchin' and achin' and wiggin' and whatnot. My insulin I have, so I'm not peeing and fainting all over the office, but OW. And LEAVEMEALONE. And


This is what happens without my meds. It's not pretty. I don't know if a lot of it is in my head-- just because I *know* I haven't taken my pills-- and how much of it is really physical and neurological (and my head. Oy.) Does it matter? I'm a basket case. My boss has decided to assign me all sorts of stuff I'm not doing, and I'm not enjoying watching it pile up on my desk like I normally do.

I feel very dull, like an unsharpened pencil lead, or a used up eraser, or something not shiny.

So, in lieu of writing any more, I'm going to post a pic from one of my shinier moments this weekend, out with V on the Columbia, happily doped up and drinking Modelo.

I'm the one in the hat

Speaking of p0rn, I just checked my stats, and someone found my site by doing a search on Dogpile for "niece+my+balls."

Now that's disturbing.

2:59 p.m. - 2003-07-31


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