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pharmaceutical addendum

I am desperate not to work today. I have a lot of stuff to do, but just no desire to do it. I don't just not want to do it. I want it not done. If someone were to offer to do it for me, I would respectfully decline. It's aggressive laziness.

This is due in part to the new med I have been put on to help staunch my Vicodin usage. I'm now also on Tramadol, and here's what I've noticed about it: I get the shivers, but only in my right ear; it makes my heart feel heavy; it makes me talkative. It does work well to kill the sharp pains, though the soreness in some muscles is still there. I'm sure the side effects will lessen the longer I take it. I just starting taking this stuff yesterday.

I was going to rant about Our Monkey the president and his ridiculous scheme to "outlaw" gay marriage, but I'm cloudy and can't wield the rapier wit I'd like to use. Anything I'd write would be more like using a wiffle bat on a lemon meringue pie.


1:59 p.m. - 2003-08-01


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