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All in Orange County should read this

Absolutely nothing of humor or importance happened to me today. It would probably have helped if I had left the house before 3pm. I took Trevor Dunnigan out to Beaverton to show him the new office and pick up some prescriptions.

Beaverton really is a god-awful place. It is the worst suburb in Oregon: sprawling, mall-infested and clogged with traffic. It is impossible to drive more than 4 blocks without stopping at a red light. It always seems hotter than Portland. It always seems smoggier than Portland. It is always more depressing than Portland.

I highly recommend The Geography of Nowhere. It's depressing, but it aptly explains everything that is wrong with suburbs.

But it's wonderful here in Portland. Today we bought a set of chairs and a table to put in our backyard (newly shorn by our new weedwacker), and we sat in the breeze, drinking Negra Modelos and reading. It was wonderful.

Sometimes it's good to be an adult.

11:07 p.m. - 2003-07-05


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