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American holiday

So Trevor Dunnigan and I went to Sears today and each got something that tickles us.

No, not that kind of stuff. We didn't go to Good Vibrations. We went to the home and garden section of Sears and bought (1) a weedwacker, and (b) a mini fridge.

"A mini fridge," you ask? "Whatever for?"

I'll tell you whatever for, you poncey johnson. For our game room. Now it's packed full of beer and ready for late-night drunken foosball! I've been drinking all day just because of the mini fridge. It, my friends, is a glorious day.

Nevermind the grilled tofu dogs and enormous cobs of corn we just ate. It's a glorious day because, as I'm typing this, I'm a mere 5 feet from another cold beer. God Bless America!

8:44 p.m. - 2003-07-04


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