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disappointment and anticipation

I played hooky today so I could prepare for my friend's visit from California this weekend. The house needed cleaning, but damn if I didn't end up feeling crappy. I called in the night before and left an elaborately planned and acted message on my bosses voicemail, then followed up at eleven this morning with another one.

Then I checked my voicemail and she had called in sick to me.

The housecleaning, it's tiring. Just the thought of the housecleaning tired me out. I've got most of it done, and Trevor Dunnigan is doing the dishes right now, so after that it's just tidying up the piles of crap and then steering everyone clear of the closets.

I should have a good entry on Monday, since D is coming up, and Paul's turning 26 tomorrow (such a young tart he is), so there should be stories of drinking and dancing and vomiting of some kind. Hopefully the anticipation of that entry will make up for the disappointment of this one.

9:28 p.m. - 2003-05-30


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