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This thin drugged line

I was going to write about my wonderful evening yesterday, what with the pedicure and the free wine and the fact that I now have what Jack Johnson refers to as ďbubbly toes.Ē

But I feel like crap. Iíve got nervous energy without the energy. I have pet my monkey almost bald. My nameless, reasonless, explanationless anxiety is back, itís here to chew gum and kick ass and itís all out of gum.

There is a fine line between goofy and fucking nuts, and within that line there is a finer line between twitchy but still productive and just rocking back and forth in your ergonomic chair clutching a bald monkey and mumbling to yourself. Consider me right on that line.

Did someone replace all my meds with Tic Tacs and Pez again? I swear, every malady I have today is rearing its ugly head. I'm depressed and OCDing like I'm being paid for it. I walked down the hallway at work just now clutching my monkey and mumbling "Newman TANG Newman TANG Newmannewmannewman." I can't even go into what that means except to say that's my cat's name and his alias. So now I've blown his cover. Great. I am also obsessing about things:
--why does no one call me on my cell phone? (because no one loves me)
--what will happen to the Alyssum I planted? (it will die)
--why is Psyduck looking at me funny like that? (because he is trying to make you explode)

Clearly, I am someone who should not even be out of bed, let alone allowed to run amok with a keyboard, wallowing in her own pathetic psychoses.

Can I go home now?

11:41 a.m. - 2003-05-29


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