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I don't feel like writing today. My cousin will be sent to Iraq in a month or so; the back of my thighs are covered in itchy bumps and I'm tired of my numbers coming out wrong.

I want to go home and hug my kitties. I want to hug them until they stop purring and start getting annoyed with me. I want to go home and have the sheets on my bed already clean and warm and ready for snuggling, and I want to take one of every sleep-inducing drug I've got and just sleep, covered in cats. One on my head, one in my armpit and one in the crook of my knees.

But instead I'm going to go work out, and then go home and watch Buffy. But I'll have this unhappiness gnawing at the back of my neck all night.

Time to up my doses.

4:44 p.m. - 2003-03-25


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